WHAT You Sell is NOT Your Brand!

As an entrepreneur, you know competition is fierce. Learn how to break away from your competition by communicating the true unique value you bring to your clients.


Don't know what your unique value is?

Your brand is built upon a foundation of the true value you deliver to your clients. Treating your clients as more than just a transaction, will shift the way they think about what you offer.

Define Your Value

Discover what makes you unique in the way you do business, and learn how to communicate your unique value to the world.  

Market With Purpose

By knowing the true value of what you offer, you can be more focused in your sales while impacting the lives of your clients.

Own Your Superpower

Once you understand how you are different, you can better implement your ideas into your products and services to create a truly impactful brand.

Is The Go Ahead. Dream Big. Online Course & Training Right For You?

Do you know how to differentiate yourself? Your brand is more than what you sell – more than the product or service. Your clients choose to purchase from YOU because of who you are and your reputation. The Go Ahead. Dream Big. Online Course & Training will help you understand the true value of what you offer – and it’s so much more than what you sell! Gain clarity and focus in your messaging to attract the right people. Capture the true essence of why your clients are choosing you – your warmth and personality.

The Go Ahead. Dream Big. Online Course & Training will expand your perspective into what your clients are buying from you. Step into the shoes of your clients to understand more about their journey and what they need from you to be successful - and in the process discover what they are truly buying from you! The online course will walk you through from the beginning to the end: from understanding your clients journey, to identifying your value message. 


What You Get

Here's what you get!

  • Six modules delivered in pre-recorded webinars.
  • Access to the members-only portal containing all the webinars, homework assignments, & tip sheets.
  • A new module is released in the membership portal every two weeks.
  • Access to our online community, a secret private Facebook group exclusive to those taking the course.
  • Twice a month live group Zoom calls to answer all your questions and provide additional advice and tips.
  • Bonus: A free copy of my book, Reimagine Your Brand: How to Create Impact For Your Business.

  • YOUR INVESTMENT: Three  monthly payments of $297.



The Training Modules


Six Reimagine Modules to Reimagine Your Brand!

  • Reimagine the Box.

    How do your customers view what you do? To break out of the box, we first need to build up the foundation. It starts with a thorough evaluation of how your customers view your offerings.. How they view and group you in your industry sets their perception of you. This module builds the foundation to the rest of the Reimagine modules.

  • Reimagine Perspective.

    There are two perspectives that build up a brand:  You and your customers. Both of these perspectives are a necessary piece to truly creating connection. But they appear disjointed and competing - until you see how your message connects through empathy, and understanding your ideal client. This module opens your eyes to how to create true connection.

  • Reimagine Impact.

    Your brand story and message impacts who your business attracts as clients. There's a formula to creating that impact. Your story is the bridge between the two perspectives of you and your clients. It connects your client's struggles to your purpose and heart. This module is where true discovery happens! from voicing your purpose to your values, to your brand story, this is where the magic grows, pulling together the previous modules' work.

  • Reimagine Innovation. 

    Innovation comes from seeing solutions for your clients through the lens of your expertise. Your perspective is unique, and so can be the way you present your offerings. Let's dig into how you can create a unique experience using the insights you gained through the previous modules. This module looks at sales and how you can present your unique perspective and attract the right clients. 

  • Reimagine Connection. 

    Connection is what happens when your brand speaks directly to your right audience. It’s what your potential clients need to see and feel to realize that they have found the right solution and person for their challenges. This module analyzes your visual brand, the pieces that your clients see, and connects that back to your message. Let's connect the dots and create the sizzle and pop that sets you uniquely distinct.

  • Reimagine Brave. 

    Brave is standing in your own power. Its seeing your possibilities and owning your journey and story with full force. Brave is how we evaluate the brand you've built. This module is a full evaluation of all the previous of work completed. It serves as a way to tweak your brand to best connect with your purpose and to your client's challenges. This is a journey worthy of being your best, showing your best and really owning your brand power.  This evaluation is one from the perspective of where you are now in your journey gaining a different perspective through your learned insights. 

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